The Devil’s Chew Toy


Let your desires run amok and you become the devil’s chew toy.” — Angela Pruatt

When twenty-five-year-old Hayden McCall heads out for a night in Boise, where he is visiting his aunt, he doesn’t expect to end up with the body of a go-go boy in the trunk of his borrowed car. Determined to clear his name, Hayden teams up with the go-go boy’s ex, Tate, and uncovers a male escort service to which are linked four questionable characters: (1) its madam, proprietress of Barkingham Palace, Boise’s grandest pet store; (2) its most popular model, a well-known saddle bronc rider; (3) a loyal customer, the director of Return Right, a gay-to-straight conversion camp—where both the go-go boy and Tate had once spent time; and (4) the camp director’s wife, the pilates-fit, Talbots-wearing, Taser-happy owner of Boise Book and Bible. Will Hayden and good prevail over evil masquerading as good? Only God knows.