Perry Winkle is many things: karaoke MC, nosey neighbor, non-binary cross-dresser, and amateur sleuth. When a dead body is found in the Yucca Palms community club room, Perry throws themself at the case. But unmasking the killer will require Perry to first uncover the true identity of the mysterious dead woman who went by the name Miss Direction.



Coming Sept/Oct 2023 in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine!

(The angels wanna wear my) red shoes

Coming December 2023 in BRUTAL & STRANGE  

Anthology inspired by Elvis Costello songs, published by Down & Out Books.

When drag queen of all queens Patty O’Doures’ prized Louboutins go missing, her suspicions are confirmed: one of the other girls has the audacity to think she can fill her shoes. The back-stage drama explodes when another queen is found dead and all French-tipped nails point at Patty.


Originally published in ELLERY QUEEN MYSTERY MAGAZINE, Jan/Feb, 2021.

Shortly after corporate turn-around specialist Ted is installed as the CEO of a struggling tech company, he starts receiving anonymous and untraceable emails from someone within the company. As the email piles up, Ted realizes he is dealing with someone far more dangerous than just another disgruntled employee.

First published in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, January/February 2021.

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Analogue featured in ELLERY QUEEN’S podcast Episode 152.

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