A Hayden & Friends Mystery, Book Two

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When Mysterium, an upscale circus arts show, comes to Seattle to begin a sold-out run, the new artistic director is found dead in her hotel suite. Searching for the killer, Hayden and Hollister find themselves surrounded by suspects who have turned trickery to high-flying art. The Russian aerialist? The cowgirl comedian? The Romanian acrobats? The feisty costume manager? The over-cologned ops director? Someone is as evil as they are talented. The big top delivers big-time danger in this hilarious whodunit.

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Penguin Random House

Rob Osler’s latest—Cirque Du Slay—proves that his winning combination of lovably-relatable characters, play-fair mysteries, and laugh-out-loud humor is way more than just beginner’s luck—it’s his inimitable style on full display.

BOLO Books Review
Rob Osler brings his irresistible wit to this trapeze act of a mystery, which swings between catching a killer and protagonist Hayden’s deepening friendships with his wonderfully quirky pals. Hayden’s warmth, smarts, and self-effacing humor have vaulted him to the top of my favorite amateur sleuths list.
Ellen Byron / USA Today bestselling author

Rob Osler’s debut knocked my socks off, and this devilishly clever and wickedly funny follow-up made me laugh out loud and kept me guessing to the end. Can’t wait for a third book in this clever and witty series!

Greg Herren / award-winning author of Death Drop

In this fun follow-up to Devil’s Chew Toy, unlikely heroes Hayden and Hollister are back on the hunt, leading to situations both hilarious and frightening.

Charlaine Harris / Mystery Writers of America Grand Master

A rock-solid whodunit with a plot that keeps you guessing till the end. Funny, adventurous, and poignant, this mystery is more than clever crime-solving. What sets it apart from other cozies is the loyalty of diverse friendships that evolve into chosen family.

Michael Craft / MWA-nominated author of the Dante & Jazz mysteries

Osler delivers the perfect combo of adrenaline, feels, and fun. Cirque du Slay is divine.

Raquel V. Reyes / award-winning author of the Caribbean Kitchen Mystery series

A fast-paced and well written whodunit that kept me amused from beginning to end.


Dru's Book Musings

From the atmospheric beginning onward, the prose is sharp and punchy. The book sprints toward a climax that’s slapstick gold.

Foreword Magazine / Mar/Apr 2024

Chock full of unconventional characters, both LGBTQ+ and not, this entertaining cozy is heartwarming in the characters’ caring for one another.

Booklist Review

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