Completed Novels



“Miss Morrow. Aubrey arrested for murder. Come at once.” — P. Baldwin

The year is 1908 and reporter Aubrey Morrow has been convicted for the murder of an unidentified boy, whose body was found floating in The Natatorium, Boise’s majestic indoor swimming pavilion. When Aubrey’s sister, Sylvia, a Chicago-based private detective arrives to save him from the gallows, she follows the clues that lead to the State Capitol and Idaho’s handsome, young Governor, who will stop at nothing to keep his secrets.



“Let your desires run amok and you become the devil’s chew toy.” — Angela Pruatt

When twenty-five-year-old Hayden McCall heads out for a night in Boise, where he is visiting his aunt, he doesn’t expect to end up with the body of a go-go boy in the trunk of his borrowed car. Determined to clear his name, Hayden teams up with the go-go boy’s ex, Tate, and uncovers a male escort service to which are linked four questionable characters: (1) its madam, proprietress of Barkingham Palace, Boise’s grandest pet store; (2) its most popular model, a well-known saddle bronc rider; (3) a loyal customer, the director of Return Right, a gay-to-straight conversion camp—where both the go-go boy and Tate had once spent time; and (4) the camp director’s wife, the pilates-fit, Talbots-wearing, Taser-happy owner of Boise Book and Bible. The stakes are raised when Tate is snatched and, to save him, Hayden must break into the camp, saddle up and give chase, escape a dog kennel, and battle the bad guy. In a final display of derring-do, Hayden rescues Tate.

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