Murder at The Nat

Photo credit: Idaho State Historical Society, State Archives

A Sylvia Morrow Mystery, Book One

It’s 1908, Chicago. The Prescott Agency’s lone female detective receives a telegram: Miss Morrow. Aubrey arrested for murder. Come at Once. Three days and two-thousand miles later, Sylvia Morrow steps off the train in Idaho’s isolated capital city. Her pulse gallops. A bead of sweat trickles from beneath her hat and down the collar of her shirtwaist. She squeezes her handbag, feeling the reassuring heft of the silver-plated Derringer pistol nestled inside. Sylvia Morrow has to come to find the truth. The arrested man is innocent. Her brother is no killer.  




My short story, Analogue, is in the current edition (Jan/Feb, 2021) of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine.

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